Online Mapping Resources

Several online tools are available for retrieving commonly requested City information. The City of Roseville uses Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to provide online access to interactive mapping applications as well as create a variety of maps. Interactive mapping is available to the public on this website and provides access to map layers and data. Static maps are also available in Adobe PDF format.

Interactive Mapping

Users can zoom, pan, and query features on the map. 

The Property Information Tool is an interactive mapping application that provides the capability to search for properties by address or parcel number and then generate a map and report containing a variety of geographic information. Search for properties within Roseville, view property maps, and print reports listing parcel characteristics, general planning information, zoning, and land use.

Traffic Counts
Retrieve volume counts, intersection turn movement information, and traffic analysis zones for count locations in the city.

Street Sweeping Map & Schedule
Access the current sweeping schedule for your street.

Transportation & Roadway Maps

Trails & Bikeways Map

Current and upcoming infrastructure projects map

Benchmark Table

Benchmark Layers Map 

Traffic Signal Timing Request

Speed Limit Maps

Local Bus Route Map / Commuter Bus Route Map

Truck Routes Map