Keep crooks out of your garage and house

Updated March 10, 2020
Open garage door

Keep crooks out of your garage and house
With warm weather and longer days comes yard work.  Many residents keep their lawn equipment and other valuables inside their garage.  It is not uncommon for residents to leave their garage door open while they are outside working.  This may be convenient, but it is an open invitation to a burglar. Even if you are out front mowing, a criminal can quickly slip into your garage and enter your home.  This can happen in a matter of five seconds or less. 

Secure your garage door

  • Don’t leave your opener in your car.  If a thief breaks into your car and steals the remote, he has an easy way into your home.  
  • Secure the emergency release.  If you are away from home on a trip, use a zip-tie to secure the emergency release. 
  • Make sure the garage door is closed.  When leaving your home, don’t just hit the remote and drive away.  Stop to make sure the garage door closes and stays down.
  • Check the garage door before going to bed.  It is not uncommon for night shift officers to run across an open garage door.  
  • Close the garage door all the way down.  A criminal can easily slip under a partially open door.  

Secure your home
Neighbors play a key role in preventing home thefts.  Homeowners that have good relationships with their neighbors are less likely to be victimized.  Neighbors looking out for each other and reporting suspicious activity will help reduce crime.  
Follow these tips to keep crooks out of your home.

  • Padlock the side gate of your home.  If a criminal can easily walk into your backyard, they’ll have a great place to hide while they attempt to break into your home.
  • Lock all your doors.  Whenever you leave home, make sure all the doors to your home are locked.  This includes the side garage door and the door from your garage to your house.  These are often overlooked by the homeowner.
  • Close and lock your windows when you leave even if it is for a short time.  With warmer weather you may be tempted to leave the windows open to let in fresh air.  Open windows will also let in a thief.  
  • If you have an alarm system make sure to use it.  Arm your system every time you leave.  Post signs to let a potential thief know that you have a security system.  

You can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of home theft by following some simple rules every time you leave home.  Don’t make your home an easy target for a criminal this season. 

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