Great Horned Owls Call Maidu Museum Home

Updated May 14, 2019
Great Horned Owl at Maidu Museum

The Maidu Museum is now home to Great Horned Owls. Originally, our staff was concerned about the owls, since they were spotted during daylight hours. Gold Country Wildlife Rescue came out to the Maidu Museum to check out the owls in case they were injured. They said that the owls looked good and healthy, and we were probably seeing a family of owls. 

Great Horned Owl in an oak tree

Owls will use abandoned hawk's nests to raise three to four chicks. Parents work together to feed their chicks mice and rodents. This time of year, the chicks are almost as large as their parents and are learning how to fly. They will glide down to the ground and do short hops up to low branches to get back up to the nest. At the same time, the parents are working overtime to provide enough food for their large chicks. Which means that they have to start hunting during the day to keep up. 

Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl in oak tree

Come by the Maidu Museum early on Saturdays to try to get a glimpse of the owls. If you are lucky to see them, make sure that you give them space. Owls are shy animals and don't like people getting too close.

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