Keeping the Post Office in Downtown Roseville

Updated January 30, 2020

The post office facility on Vernon Street in downtown Roseville is looking for a new location. City leaders are working with the United States Postal Service to keep a post office presence in the downtown. 

Members of the public interested in keeping a downtown post office location are encouraged to attend a public meeting at 10 a.m., Wednesday, February 5 at the current post office site at 330 Vernon St.

Downtown Roseville post officeThe Downtown Merchants Association and the Downtown Roseville Partnership of property owners both strongly support retaining the post office site downtown.

There are several storefront locations available in downtown, including in privately held properties and the newly purchased city-owned four-story office building at 116 S. Grant St.

The lease for the current location ends in April 2020. In recent years, the postal service distribution operations at this location had been reduced such that the entire building and loading area is no longer needed or being used. The location is slated to be sold to a private developer with plans to build a boutique hotel.

Downtown Roseville is an ideal location for a post office location for several reasons, including:

  • It’s a familiar location to everyone in the city.
  • Many residents and businesses have had PO boxes at this location for years and enjoy the walkability of the downtown area.
  • The City has invested millions in improving the streetscape, walkability, mix of tenants, and security in our downtown including the three new pedestrian bridges and bike path which are all within a short walk from the current downtown site.
  • The City added two new parking garages with free parking, providing more than 950 spaces for customer parking.
  • The City opened a new Passport Office downtown to handle a large volume of applicants. Applicants appreciate the convenience of having the post office so close to the passport facility for processing.
  • The City built a four-story office building in 2015 and purchased a four-story office building in 2020, both in the downtown. These add significant potential for foot traffic to the Post Office and to our downtown.
  • Mercy Housing just completed a 58-unit affordable housing complex within a tenth of a mile of the current site of the USPS.
  • The City currently has more affordable-housing projects planned in our downtown and historic area, adding 150 more residential units and more demand for postal services.
  • As the nature of retail and services change, access to a post office is a critical quality of life factor for our businesses and residents.