Come visit us at the Utility Exploration Center. It's free! Here's what you'll find in our exhibit hall.

Blue blocks with kids playing

Explore Like an Engineer

Ask, imagine, plan, create, improve. Our Explore Like an Engineer exhibit introduces the design process and encourages you to jump right in to think about how things work and find solutions to problems. The engineers who work for Roseville Utilities plan for the future of our city. Discover how you too can play a part in the health and quality of life in our community.

Green house frame with kids playing

Green House Frame

Enter our Green House Frame and you’ll find ways you can make changes at home to create a sustainable environment for years to come. All parts of your home are covered - from the kitchen and bathroom to outside in your yard, from turning on your lights and sprinklers to what goes down the drain, in the trash or on your lawn.

Green house game with kid and teacher

Green House Makeover

Our Green House Makeover puts examples of how you can make changes at home right into your hand. Grab a magnet and fix one of the problems exhibited in the house - repair a leaky faucet, replace a lightbulb with an LED, use ladybugs instead of pesticides and choose a reusable lunch box.
Teen building with planks

Hands-on Interactives

Get your hands on some building fun. Experiment with our interactives and enjoy expressing your creativity, inventing new things and practicing pretend play. While you’re at it, you might just pick up a little STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) learning. 

• Rigamajig: large-scale building kit includes wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, ramps and ropes (rotates with Blue Blocks)
• Blue Blocks: large-scale building kit includes foam bricks, chutes, channels and balls (rotates with Rigamajig)
• Kiva Planks: small wooden blocks
• Chalkboard 
• Magnets

** Due to COVID-19 safety standards, our hands-on interactives are temporarily suspended in the Center.

Green not green game with kids playing

Green Not Green Game

Gather some friends and compete to see who knows the most about Roseville’s Utilities. Where does our water come from? How does electricity reach your home? Get into position and push that button when you know the answer. 

pile with kids playing

Trash Pile

Visiting a pile of trash may not seem that appealing, but you just might be surprised what you can learn from the trash pile in our exhibit hall. Built from trash actually destined for the landfill, our trash sculpture is filled with fascinating information hidden inside its nooks and crannies. Crawl through the sewer pipe that runs through the middle and discover how you can help reduce waste and make the world a cleaner place.

Women wrapping gifts

Temporary Exhibits

Throughout the year, we offer several temporary exhibits to keep your experience as a visitor fresh and exciting.

• Earth from Space
• Fix a Leak
• Home for the Holidays 
• Utilities at Work
• Voltage Vampires
• Wastewater Processes
• Water is Life 

Learn more about our temporary exhibits.

Planet Protector comic books

Planet Protector Scavenger Hunt & Comic Books

Meet Danica, Brandon and Johnny – three extraordinary kids who work together to solve mysteries and save our planet. Our Planet Protector comic series encourages readers to save water and energy and reduce waste. The comic books are illustrated by Bernard Chang, a freelance artist and regular contributor at DC® and Marvel® Comics. 

The first comic book in the series will be given to you when you visit the Center. Complete the scavenger hunt during your visit and you will receive a prize. Take one of our other comic books to complete at home and bring it back for another prize during your next visit.