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Updated January 10, 2022
Why choose Audiobooks?

Improves time management: Being able to multi-task allows us to achieve more in our day, so readers can benefit from listening to an audiobook while driving to work, enjoying a lunch break, or doing their household chores. Additionally, following along with an audiobook can make mediocre tasks, such as vacuuming, ironing, and washing the dishes, more enjoyable.

Builds literary skills: Younger readers who regularly listen to audiobooks have shown an increase in reading accuracy by up to 52%, improved comprehension by up to 76%, and an increase in reading speed, pronunciation, and expanded vocabulary.

Inclusive of those with disabilities: Not everyone is able to engage with a book by reading it. Providing the option to listen to a story opens your book up to those with disabilities, such as learning disabilities, vision impairment, and dyslexia, who find the task of reading extremely difficult or impossible.

Audiobooks on CDs are available in the library or you can download the  cloudLibrary and Libby Apps to your phone or device from the App store.

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