New program to deter home title fraud

Updated October 18, 2022

Placer County Clerk-Recorder has a new Real Property Fraud Prevention and Courtesy Notification Program

Home title fraud (also called title theft or deed fraud) is a crime that occurs when someone fraudulently replaces your name on the title to your property with their name. Home title fraud is gaining traction as information about people becomes more accessible online. It is difficult to know how widespread this crime is because authorities have not separated home title fraud into its own category.

In order to deter Home title fraud, the Placer County Recorder, Ryan Ronco, announced a new real estate notification program to help protect property owners from unauthorized transfers of real property. The program automatically notifies the property owner when a document is recorded that may affect ownership of real property. The letter will contain information regarding this program as well as the first page of the recorded document that triggered the letter.

In most cases, the property owner is aware of these transactions and in such a case, nothing needs to be done.

When do you need to initiate a call to the Placer County Recorder's Office?
If you receive a letter from the Placer County Recorders Officer with information about the title/deed of your house/property and:

  • You did not give full or partial ownership of your home to someone else.
  • Your signature was forged on the document.
  • The document was changed after you signed it.
  • The document contains an incorrect property description.
  • The documents have been sent to you in error.

If any of the above apply, or if you have other questions about the recorded document or letter you received, contact the Placer County Recorder’s Office at (530) 886-5600 or email [email protected].

If you believe the document recording is fraud contact the District Attorney’s Fraud Alert Hotline :(916) 645-SCAM (7226).

The Placer County Clerk-Recorder's website with additional information is here

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