Holiday recycling options for you

Updated November 16, 2021
Holiday recycling options for you
Happy holidays! The most wonderful time of the year is here! Whether hanging up lights, decorating trees, celebrating with family and friends, exchanging gifts – or all of the above, remember that recycling will play a big part in reducing your garbage this year.

There are multiple ways to recycle and keep our landfills clear of hazardous waste, allowing us all to enjoy the holiday cheer:

Cardboard: Most of us could build a small castle with the leftover cardboard from deliveries. Save space in your garbage can by taking that assemble-at-home project packaging to a drop-off location. Please note: only flattened cardboard should be dropped off at the recycle sites. Get site locations.

Beverage Containers: (Also known as California Redemption Value—CRV) Take your plastic, glass, and aluminum beverage containers to a buyback center to get back the deposit you paid when you bought them. Be sure to check what items qualify for redemption.
Electronics: Are those old computer monitors or printers taking up space? Take a trip to the landfill and dispose of them for free, or call us and we'll haul it away! Get more information on our free door to door pick-up program.

Batteries: Does your TV remote burn through batteries while watching all of those Christmas movies? Are you ready to change out old batteries from your new electronics? You can drop them off at numerous locations throughout Placer County. There are several locations in Roseville. And, remember, tape the ends of batteries to avoid a spark.

Christmas Trees: Firs everywhere! Whether your Balsam, Fraser, Canaan, Douglas, Grand, Concolor, or Noble Fir is ready to come down, there are multiple options available. You can cut your tree into smaller sections and place it in your green waste container for Green Day pick-up, find a tree drop-off location near you, or support our local Boy Scouts and have them pick up for you! Get drop off details.

Fats/Oils/Grease: Frying a turkey? Making stuffing with bacon? (Yes, please!) Pouring it down the drain could lead to clogged drains. Instead, pour cooled oil and grease into a sealable container, such as an old mayonnaise or peanut butter jar, and contact us. We will pick it up for free.

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