Roseville Solective - A community solar pilot project

Updated March 11, 2019

With the help of the sun, more than eight percent of Roseville Electric Utility customers already produce locally-generated, renewable energy using their rooftop. But not all customers can take advantage of rooftop solar.

That’s where your community owned utility is making a difference. With the launch of Roseville Electric Utility’s community solar initiative we are generating electricity at our pilot project located next to the Roseville Energy Park. Construction of the 3,000 panel site completes our original vision for the Energy Park and provides locally-generated, renewable energy for more than 200 homes.

​In addition, our pilot community solar initiative helps us meet our state renewable energy goals and provides us insight into customer interest. ​

Watch for more information in your April bill on how you can be a part of our exciting new project.

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