Ways to save water during the heat of summer

Updated June 26, 2020
Ways to save water during the heat of summer

The start of every season means making adjustments to your outdoor irrigation. But, even during the hot summer season, you can still make investments and tweaks to your landscape watering to maximize each single drop that helps keep your landscapes healthy while also saving. For instance:

  • Install High-Efficiency Rotator Sprinklers: They deliver water in multiple streams at a slower rate that can be more easily absorbed by the soil and are estimated to reduce water use by 30 percent or more over traditional sprinklers.

  • Purchase a Moisture Meter: Moisture meters feature an easy-to-read dial that indicates if the soil is dry, moist or wet.

  • Get Weeding Tools: There are a variety of handy tools available to help get rid of water-stealing, unsightly weeds. You could consider a short-handed weeding tool like a Hori-Hori, which can be used for weeding, planting and even checking soil moisture. Or consider a Dutch or stirrup hoe, which are great for uprooting weeds.

  • Apply Good Old Mulch: Will keep the roots of plants and trees at comfortable temperatures, help reduce water lost to evaporation and cut down on weeds.

Learn more tips for using water wisely at www.roseville.ca.us/savewater or BeWaterSmart.info.

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