New water storage project underway in west Roseville

Updated September 16, 2020
New water storage project underway in west Roseville

Maintaining water reliability is a critical mission. When we think of water reliability, it’s ensuring that when customers turn on the tap, they can count on clean, high-quality, and uninterrupted drinking water.

Your Roseville Utilities are working to make sure that there’s necessary infrastructure on the back end to support operational needs, increased demands as our community grows and to provide flexibility to move and store water at different points in our city.

This is where the Westside Tank and Pump Station project comes in. As growth continues in western Roseville, Environmental Utilities is fulfilling its goal of providing reliable utility services by initiating this water infrastructure project.

Roseville’s water distribution system is mainly gravity fed (starting at a high point in Granite Bay) where your water is treated and as development occurs in the west, we build infrastructure to maintain adequate water pressure for residences, commercial properties, and for fire protection.

The project is located on five-acres adjacent to the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant and will include:

  • Construction of two separate six-million gallon concrete potable water storage reservoirs. These tanks will serve our potable water distribution facilities and provide flexibility to
    support increased demand.
  • A booster pump station building and equipment that will allow water to be distributed within one of the city’s pressure zones.

Groundbreaking and initial site work begin this July and is anticipated to be completed by June 2022.

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