Women of Environmental Utilities continue making history

Updated March 23, 2022
“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama

The United States continues to recognize Women’s History Month, celebrating the achievements and breakthroughs of women from all eras, in all industries. In Roseville, the women of Environmental Utilities continue to push forward as leaders and professionals, ensuring the scope and impact of their work in our community doesn’t go unnoticed.

To name a few:

Janice Gainey is the senior engineer and in charge of developing two multi-million gallon water tanks on the west side of Roseville, ensuring water reliability in the region. She is also working to bring more groundwater wells to our community that will add to our growing water portfolio.

Vicki Reid, recycling and organics coordinator, develops, coordinates, and promotes our recycling programs, ensuring proper retrieval of all recyclable material throughout the city.

stJen Sbaffi, administrative service supervisor, coaches and collaborates with a talented group of administrative and customer service representatives who serve as first lines to our customers and provide timely solutions for water customers.

Shelly Tilley, pictured to the left, serves as the refuse superintendent for Waste Services. She ensures that our trash and recycling division provides reliable service to keep our community clean and healthy – especially during the pandemic.

Noelle Mattock, our government relations supervisor pictured to the right, nmidentifies state laws and regulations that would directly affect city residents and provides recommendations to senior staff to mitigate any negative impact – while highlighting potential ones that would benefit the community.

Melissa Kinsey, an interpretive services specialist at the Utility Exploration Center, focuses on engaging with and inspiring all ages of the community on how utilities meet life – in and out of the center.

These are but a few of the incredible women in our workforce. So much of Roseville’s success as a top-rated city can be attributed to their focus and dedication to the department. You're in good hands, from mapping water and sewer lines using geographical information systems to coordinating construction and renovation projects from start to finish.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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