New radio communications tower to serve critical city operations

Updated July 12, 2022
Photo simulation

Photo simulation

To better serve emergency and critical city operations, the City of Roseville is planning to build a new radio communications tower in east Roseville. 

The City’s radio system handles approximately 1.5 million transmissions per year. 

A City-owned vacant parcel at 2001 Strauch Drive was identified to best provide public safety-grade radio coverage throughout east Roseville including both hospitals, enhanced emergency power capabilities, and future public safety needs.  

MapSeveral public and private sites were analyzed for optimal conditions, and deemed infeasible, before the City selected the Strauch Drive site. 

Currently, Roseville operates two 180-foot radio communications towers. One is in west Roseville near the Roseville Energy Park and the second is in central Roseville at the Police Department building on Junction Boulevard. The planned tower in east Roseville will be similar in style and size to these two towers.  

The current radio facility serving east Roseville is located within a leased office building on Douglas Boulevard and does not meet the City’s growing needs due to site limitations and costs. The Strauch Drive site will replace the Douglas facility.   

Environmental clearance was done in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act. Construction will occur on the interior of the parcel and vegetation will be preserved to the greatest extent possible.

The new radio tower will operate in compliance with federal and state regulations.  

Funding for this project is $1.5 million dollars and provided by designated capital improvement project funding. 

•  June - July 2022: Environmental clearance 
•  Late summer 2022: City Council meeting 
•  Spring 2024: Call for construction bids and award
•  Fall 2024: Construction will begin (weather dependent), and is expected to last several months
•  Summer 2025: Estimated project completion

Timeline is subject to change. 

Contact us with questions about the project by emailing the City of Roseville or calling (916) 774-5452.  

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