Unlock creativity with Computer-Aided Design for high school students

Updated August 30, 2023
High school students are invited to discover the world of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) through a 12-week program empowering them to bring creative ideas to life.

This free program offers a unique opportunity to delve into Fusion 360, a powerful CAD software used by industry professionals worldwide. Students will also build a 3D printer.

•  Step-by-Step Learning: Students will be guided through a progressive learning path, allowing them to build their CAD skills from the ground up and gain confidence with each project completed. Participants will have access to 28 CAD projects.

•  Quick Mastery: Carefully curated curriculum ensures efficient learning, enabling students to quickly grasp the fundamental concepts of Fusion 360 and apply them to practical design challenges.

•  Hands-On Experience: Through engaging and practical projects, students will gain hands-on experience in designing real-world objects, unleashing their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

•  Unlocking Dreams: Fusion 360 is a gateway to turning ideas into reality. By mastering this essential tool, students can unlock the potential to transform their dreams into tangible prototypes and designs.

•  Industry-Relevant Skills: As CAD becomes increasingly vital in various industries, students will acquire sought-after skills that have applications in engineering, architecture, product design, and others, providing them with a competitive edge.

•  Expert Guidance: Experienced instructors will be there every step of the way, offering personalized feedback and support to ensure students' success and growth.

•  Collaborative Learning: Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers, fostering a vibrant learning community and promoting teamwork and communication skills.

•  Portfolio Building: As students complete each project, they will compile an impressive portfolio showcasing their CAD proficiency, serving as a valuable asset for college applications or future career opportunities.

Learn more about CAD class curriculum.

The program is open to up to 15 high school students. 


Applications open: September 1

Deadline to apply: Noon on September 14

Accepted students notified:  September 15

Program: 4 – 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, September 20 through December 13


In-person sessions are at the Roseville Venture Lab, 316 Vernon Street, Suite 110 in Downtown Roseville. Free parking is available.


For questions about the program or application, please email us, or call Economic Development Manager Wayne Wiley at (916) 774-5283. 


Submit your application by noon on September 14.

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