Celebrating the 'Ms. Lisa magic' after 40-years

Updated August 29, 2023
Once upon a time… there was a young girl named Lisa who started a job in the Downtown Roseville library. This marked the beginning of a 40-year journey that would prove to be a life-changing experience for both her and the community.

Lisa Eck began working as a Shelver in 1983 while still a young high school student, “I wanted to work in research, away from people.” However, that’s not exactly how things turned out. Fast forward 40-years, and Lisa is now a Librarian and one of the most beloved hosts of the Library’s storytime sessions. 

Read with a MermaidWith a determination to inspire and connect, she embarked on a mission to make books come alive for everyone she meets. Known for her engaging storytime sessions, Lisa brings characters to life with costumes and theatrics, captivating the imaginations of children and adults alike. “One of my favorite events is Read with a Mermaid,” she shares. “I dress up as a mermaid, complete with fins, and sit in a pool with the kids to read to them. It’s a magical experience.” This unique approach makes her storytime sessions a cherished tradition.

Colleagues respect her unwavering commitment, and her innovative spirit earned her a special place in the hearts of Roseville's residents. “Ms. Lisa, as her adoring storytime groupies call her, is a longtime high queen of Library storytimes,” says Cambria Evans a Librarian and one of Lisa’s co-workers. “She draws in hundreds of attendees at her various sessions. In fact, she has shared stories with multiple generations of children, parents and grandparents, reaching tens of thousands of people over the years.”

Lisa's personal journey is also intertwined with her connection to the library. Her love story with her husband, Mike, blossomed during their shared time working at the library as young adults. This love for libraries now carries on with their own teenagers, Abby and Alex, affectionately referred to as “Ecklets,” both currently work and volunteer at the Roseville library.

Looking back on her journey, Lisa takes pride in her role as a Librarian who has fostered a love for stories and books. She says, “I wouldn’t be who I am today if I wasn’t given the chance to learn and grow over these last four decades. I love what I do. It allows me to lose my inhibitions, be playful and have fun with people of all ages. It’s an incredible job. I look forward to continuing to grow in my role and appreciate being allowed to be the Diva that I have become.” 

Lisa’s unwavering commitment endures, and the City of Roseville continues to reap the rewards of her dedication. “She brings an infectious larger than life “rock star” energy to anything she does,“ adds Cambria. “She’s an awesome part of our staff and we think 40-years is worth celebrating; I bet not many can say that.”

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