updated February 2024


To provide exceptional services in a fiscally responsible manner that enhance the quality of life today and into the future.

Roseville neighborhood


Preserving our high quality of life as we prosper into the future. We do this by ensuring:
  • A safe and healthy community. People feel safe and secure in our community, working together to prevent problems and to protect those in need.
  • A fiscally sound city. Living within our means and maintaining a responsible level of fiscal reserves means considering the long-term effects when weighing various options.
  • A well-planned city. An appropriate balance of land uses including housing, employment sites, shopping areas, parks and open space is essential for a vibrant community. By requiring development to pay its fair share, the community will experience the positive effects of growth.
  • Well-managed infrastructure. It is critical to ensure that City infrastructure—including roads, streetscapes, parks, utilities, facilities and technology—is well maintained. Effectively planning infrastructure improvements includes anticipating future needs.
  • Outstanding recreational activities. Diverse recreation and cultural opportunities are widely accessible. Ample open space allows for outdoor parks, bike trails and interactions with nature.
  • A transparent, accountable environment. Information, services and resources are readily available online and in person. Active engagement in dialogue promotes transparency and encourages a healthy exchange of ideas.

Core competencies