Requests and Disbursements

The Citizens’ Benefit Fund was established in 1993 with the net proceeds from the sale of the Roseville Hospital. The City Council may, after receiving the recommendation of the Roseville Grants Advisory Commission, annually appropriate up to 90 percent of the annual earnings of the Citizens’ Benefit Fund for the purpose of improving the quality of life for the citizens of the City of Roseville.

In addition, the City Council, without the recommendation of the Roseville Grants Advisory Commission, may annually appropriate a minor amount up to $15,000.00 of the annual earnings for the purpose of improving the quality of life in Roseville.

Historically, the City Council has granted requests for small sponsorships from Roseville schools, Roseville non-profits and Roseville community organizations to support events and programs in Roseville.

A representative sampling of programs and activities previously receiving discretionary funding include:

  • Safe and Sober Grad Nights for Roseville’s graduating seniors
  • Memorial and Veteran’s Day events
  • Roseville Host Lions Club
  • The Gathering Inn
  • Salvation Army
  • Roseville Crimestoppers

Requests vary year to year and can be accepted at any time during a fiscal year. At the end of each fiscal year, unappropriated funds will default back to the principal unless Council directs staff otherwise.


The Council’s discretionary fund provides a means to support non-profit and community organizations for events and programs with the purpose of improving the quality of life for the Citizens of Roseville.

Criteria for Requestors of City Council Discretionary Funds:

All requests for Council Discretionary Funds shall be submitted to the City Council in the form of a letter, or email, requesting Council’s consideration for allocation of Funds. The letter/email shall include the following Information:

1. Name of Organization requesting Council Discretionary Funds;

2. Non-Profit Status, if applicable;

3. Description of how City Council Discretionary Funds will be spent;

4. Budget for how Council Discretionary Funds will be used;

5. Have Council Discretionary Funds previously been requested? If so, when and how much?

6. Grant History- Provide details information of: Grants applied for and/or received and associated amounts for all Grants applied for within past 24 months; including but not limited to the Roseville Community Development Block Grant, Citizens Benefit Fund, Roseville Employees Annual Charitable Hearts Fund etc.

7. If a request for City Council Discretionary Funds has been made and received in previous years, identify strategies being implemented to eliminate reliance on Council Discretionary Funds; and

8. What does success look like for your organization? What has been your organization’s performance in reaching success?

Please note: Requestors of City Council Discretionary Funds must be present at scheduled City Council hearing for request to be considered.



The City Manager’s Office will distribute a copy of eligible requests to all members of the City Council and a copy to the City Clerk.   Any one member of the Council may direct staff to place the request on an upcoming agenda within 30 days for consideration.

Disbursement and Use of Funds

1. Funds approved for appropriation must be used in accordance with the approved request or returned to the City.

2. A letter from the Mayor’s office, outlining the restricted use of the funds, will be sent to the organization, along with a funding check made payable to the non-profit or community based organization within 30 days.

Funds Tracking and Reporting

1. The City Manager’s Office reviews and maintains the database for Council Discretionary Funds allocated by the Chief Information Officer from the earnings on the Citizens’ Benefit Fund.

2. A written report must be submitted by the recipient agency or organization to the City Manager, 311 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 95678 identifying how the funds were used. This report may be in the form of a letter.
If you have any questions regarding the Council’s Discretionary Funds, please contact the City Manager’s office at (916) 774-5362.