Clean up effort restores open space and improves flood safety

Updated September 09, 2022
Camp cleanup

On September 8, 2022 the Roseville Police Social Services Unit, Roseville Parks and Recreation and Roseville Code Enforcement completed a multi-day clean-up of the 1600 block of Vernon St near Dry Creek.

All members of unsheltered community present were provided with homeless resources. More than 80 hours of outreach was conducted in coordination with Placer Health and Human Services / Probation and Turning Point Coloma Center.

Over 17 tons of trash, debris, hypodermic needles and abandoned property were removed from this area. Our floodway infrastructure in this area is ready for the rainy season without risk of being jeopardized by the debris. 

Assisting people in need with permanent housing and social services, while also addressing the impacts to the community of homelessness is the focus of the Roseville Homeless Response Team. The team is made up of area non-profits, the Police Social Services Unit and other City services. 

If you know of anyone who is experiencing homelessness, please have them call 211 to be connected to resources.

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Cleanup effort



Cleanup effort

Cleanup effort