What is National Night Out? Why Participate?

Updated June 02, 2023

National Night Out 2023 is Tuesday, August 1st.  This annual celebration of local community-building began in 1984 as a collaboration between law enforcement agencies, neighborhood watch groups, civic groups, various crime prevention associations, and volunteers across the nation with the goal to make our neighborhoods safer and enhance community well-being.  Put simply, neighbors willing to work together for the common good of their neighborhood can make a positive influence on their neighborhoods and in turn benefit everyone in the community.

The more neighbors who actively support their neighborhood alliance, the easier it is.  National Night Out can be the catalyst to start community-building in your neighborhood; re-invigorate relationships; or "just another Tuesday evening" for your already strong neighborhood association!

You don't have to live in a neighborhood of single family homes to be involved in a National Night Out event. Neighborhood "block parties" can happen everywhere – in townhouse complexes, apartment buildings, or even in a park near a condominium complex. Gather up some of your neighbors, decide what you want to do, and invite everyone to join in!

When you set the details of you National Night Out event, let the national organization know (www.natw.org).  If you would like to invite representatives of Roseville public safety, utilities, and government, register your event with us at www.roseville.ca.us/NNO.

* The deadline to register your event with the City of Roseville is 7/18/2023 *

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