New statewide drought emergency water conservation regulations in place

California recently approved new emergency water conservation measures to stretch and manage water supplies during continued drought conditions. Although California received record rainfall and snowfall to close 2021, we still only have 58% of the precipitation needed for the year. Also, not all reservoirs have rebounded and are still lower than needed as we approach the summer months. As a result, these mandates are effective mid-January for one year unless extended by the State.

Customers are encouraged to implement water-saving activities as part of their home and/or business practices to prevent fines up to $500/day for non-compliance that may be directly issued to Roseville water customers by the State of California.

To save water, please do not:

• Hose down sidewalks, driveways, patios, structures, buildings, parking lots, or other hard surfaces unless it is for public health and safety

• Street clean or use potable water for construction purposes, unless no other method can be used to protect public health and safety

• Operate decorative fountains or the fill/top off decorative fountains, lakes, or ponds unless a recirculating pump is used

• Irrigation turf and ornamental landscapes during and within 48 hours after at least ¼” of rain

• Apply water where it is running off-site onto non-irrigated areas, public and private roadways, parking lots, or sidewalk

• Wash vehicles without a hose shutoff nozzle

As your locally-owned water utility, our commitment to our customers is to meet this State of California mandate. We have free resources, efficiency rebates, and updates that will help increase water conservation throughout Roseville.

If you would like to schedule a free water review to determine ways to save, call us at (916) 774-5761 or visit for additional information and resources.

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