Learn how we process wastewater in 24 hours -- virtually!

Updated February 07, 2022
Learn how we process wastewater in 24 hours
What happens to the water that goes down the sink? Where does the water go when you flush the toilet? To the wastewater treatment plant, of course!

Roseville has two regional wastewater treatment plants that collect water from more than 500 miles of underground pipes – and you can see exactly how they operate – virtually!

Take a trip through each step of the water treatment process, from when it leaves your neighborhood and ends up at one of two regional plants where it is cleaned – all within 24 hours.

Our user-friendly interface will help you navigate each step to see how your wastewater utility converts what could have been potentially hazardous into an environmentally friendly resource.

Visit roseville.ca.us/utilitytours and start exploring!