Keeping Chickens In Roseville

Updated October 03, 2022
Roseville Animal Control recently received inquiries regarding the keeping of chickens.

Roseville residents can keep up to ten - singly or in combination - ducks, chickens (includes hens and roosters), or pigeons on residentially zoned property within the city.
According to the Roseville Municipal Code (RMC), chickens shall be kept in a sanitary enclosure, which shall not be located within 20 feet of any property line. It is important to note that if there is a fenced area around the enclosure where chickens can walk around, that area is considered part of the enclosure, and its perimeter must be at least 20’ away from any property line.

Animal Special Permits may be granted by the police department for enclosures that are not in strict conformity with the provisions of the RMC. Special Permit applications are available online at the Police Department website and front counter. When received, the application will be reviewed by an Animal Control Officer who will evaluate the plan for the enclosure and the area where it is proposed. If it is determined the enclosure will not cause public health and welfare problems, a special permit may be issued. There can be specific conditions imposed with the permit that the permittee must follow.  Permits are annual and there is a $25/year fee.
Special permits can be subsequently modified or revoked if violations of permit conditions are discovered or if the chickens become a source of complaints to Animal Control.
Owners of residential chicken enclosures must also be aware of the Animal Noise ordinance. If their chickens make continuous/incessant noise for 20 minutes, or intermittently for an hour or more which disturbs the peace of a neighbor, they can be fined.

The RMC for domestic fowl is under Title 7, Chapter 7.36: Title 7 ANIMALS