Want to save water? Check. Want to keep the creeks and streams clean? Check.  Want to reduce landfill waste by recycling? Check.  Want to save your sewer pipes of clogs? Check.

We offer a number of programs to reduce impacts to the environment and the utility infrastructure needed to deliver top-notch services to you.  Take advantage of free programs, services and rebates that can save you money or simply make your live that much easier.

water efficiency

Water efficiency

Drought. No drought. Saving water should happen no matter what because there's never enough water to waste.


Recycling and proper waste disposal

In Placer County, we adopted the One Big Bin approach to trash and recycling. You toss, we sort. But there are other ways to reduce waste, put hazardous waste in it's place, and other services to reduce waste to the landfill using our free, convenient programs and services.


Stormwater management

Every time it rains, water flows down the gutter into the storm drain and out to the creek. That’s stormwater. 

Learn more about Roseville's stormwater management program.

Live Sewer Smart

Keeping your sewer pipes clog-free means less headaches down the road. 

Learn ways to save your sewer pipes from possible clogs.