Crime Report 2024-6-1Please note, this version of the Roseville Police Department Crime Log does not represent all the crime in  the City of Roseville. This log highlights criminal activity as an awareness and to encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. 
Please note, this version of the Roseville Police Department Crime Log does not represent all the crime in the City of Roseville. This log highlights criminal activity as an awareness and to encourage residents to be proactive about crime prevention. For a comprehensive list of all the criminal activity in Roseville, please visit the City of  Roseville Crime Map.
Roseville Police Crime Log May 14 - June 4, 2024
Police Beat 1
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2024-00026722 5/27/24 11:00 AM FRAUD NUNZIA CT The victim received a text message from Coinbase advising him that his account had fraudulent activity occurring. Shortly after the text message, the victim received a phone call from the same number. The subject calling said that he would help them fix the fraudulent activity that was occurring and enable two-factor authentication. Throughout the call, the victim started to think it could be fraud, so he hung up the phone. After hanging up, the victim received two more phone calls from two different numbers but did not answer. After speaking to Coinbase customer service, they told the victim that approximately $100,000 in withdrawals had been made from his account to a computer whose VIP address was in San Francisco. Coinbase did not specify how many transactions were made.
2024-00026056 5/22/24 4:59 PM FRAUD GALLERIA BLVD Male suspect committed a cashout fraud at store in the Galleria Mall. The suspect presented $4500 in cash for $4433.92 in merchandise. During the cash count, suspect took back money. When cash was recounted at the end of shift, they were $2500 short and realized that suspect pocketed the money while recounting.
2024-00025324 5/20/24 10:37 AM FRAUD ROCHDALE ST The victim explained he was notified via email by a lender that there was unusual activity on his account. According to the victim, “He” had been approved for a loan with “Redwater Lending” but was not made aware of the approved loan amount. The same day he received the notification, he contacted the lending company and advised them it was not him. The victim also learned the loan was to be deposited in a bank account he did not have access to. The victim also stated he received more notifications via email that someone was trying to obtain government benefits in his name. At this time, the victim is not out any money.
Police Beat 2
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2024-00024515 5/15/24 7:33 AM FRAUD SIDESADDLE WAY The victim received a text message from an unknown number asking if he had approved a transaction on his Bank of America card for $1850.22. The victim replied, “No” and received a phone call from the same number. The suspect male told the victim he was a Bank of America representative contacting him to help him with the fraudulent transaction and proceeded to tell the victim someone was attempting to send themselves money with his Zelle account. The suspect advised to stop the transaction the victim needed to send the money through Zelle to counter the fraud payment. The victim sent the payment of $1850.22 to the identified account. After the victim sent the payment, the suspect advised that another transaction was attempted using Zelle for $1450.22. The suspect said to counter the fraud, the victim would need to send an additional payment of $1450.22 to the same account. The victim was becoming more worried and confused so the suspect asked to Facetime him and share his screen. The suspect then advised the victim that someone was attempting to transfer money from his Apple cash account for $1100. The suspect told the victim he needed to load that amount into his Apple cash and send it to another account. The victim was able to reload his Apple cash card but when he tried to send it Apple flagged and cancelled the transaction. The suspect then asked the victim to try transferring $850 instead, and Apple flagged and cancelled that payment as well.
2024-00025112 5/18/24 3:21 PM PETTY THEFT SIERRA COLLEGE BLVD Victim's 8-year-old son left his lime green, HARO brand bicycle on the front porch of their apartment. The bicycle was unsecured because they did not have a bike rack nearby to lock it to. The bicycle had black wheels, a black seat and black handlebars and was valued at approximately $350.00. The bicycle was taken at 0149 hours on 05/17/2024. Her security cameras captured the subject who took the bicycle. The suspect appeared to have arrived on foot, left on foot with the bicycle, and was wearing a white hospital-style mask over his mouth and nose.
2024-00800234 5/19/24 11:12 AM HARASSMENT Nelson Drive An Apple Support pop-up came up on the victim's iPad screen and locked the iPad. It stated to contact the support phone number. The suspect, representing an Apple representative, stated it appeared 6 viruses had been used for child pornography so they would have to report it to the FTC. They would also have to freeze associated bank accounts and to contact the bank’s fraud division. The victim was then connected to the suspect representing themselves as a Chase bank representative who said $17,800 had been withdrawn earlier in the day but was on hold. The victim was told to mimic the withdrawal in cash to reverse this transaction. The victim then went to the bank and withdrew $17,800 in cash and returned home. The Chase representative said someone from FTC would be coming to interview them in about 3 hours, would ask for money, and a new bank account would be opened. The victim then realized they were being scammed, hung up the phone, and returned the money to their bank.
Police Beat 3
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2024-00025239 5/19/24 1:20 PM PETTY THEFT ROSEVILLE SQ The victim was at a store on Douglas Blvd. and believes her wallet was taken out of her purse when she left it open while grabbing a few items off the shelf. The victim did not notice her wallet was missing until she attempted to pay for her groceries. Then, she went out to her vehicle to check if her wallet had been left there. While walking out, the victim received a text message from Bank of America asking if she had attempted to use her credit card at Target on Douglas Blvd. The victim responded to the text message stating that she did not. The victim then put a hold on her debit and credit card, but she noticed that a charge for $400 had been approved for her debit card prior to the hold placement. The victim did not see anyone reach into her bag because that store was very busy at the time and there were numerous people around her.
2024-00025172 5/18/24 8:30 PM PETTY THEFT RIVERSIDE AVE Victim stated he arrived at an establishment with his girlfriend and her child. The victim stated he was assisting his girlfriend with taking the child out of the vehicle and carrying several items, so he forgot to lock his vehicle. The victim had a black backpack sitting on the floor of the rear driver's side of the vehicle that contained a black Glock 19, a fully loaded 10-round magazine, and a light camo blue pocketknife. The victim was inside of the establishment approximately 3 hours prior to coming outside and noticing his backpack was missing but was located in the bushes nearby with the Glock and pocketknife missing from it. Victim spoke with an employee at the establishment, and was shown footage of a subject opening the Honda, grabbing the backpack, and leaving the area.
2024-00024503 5/15/24 11:16 AM FRAUD MADDEN LN Victim was going through her Citi Bank credit card statements online when she noticed there were multiple charges she did not recognize. She indicated there was a transaction for $107.61, and two transactions for $15.98 and $1.00. Victim then received a call from Protection Plan Center and spoke to a woman named "Amy". She stated that "Amy" wanted her to sign up for additional fraud protection plan services and asked her for her credit card information. Victim gave "Amy" her credit card information but then told her she was no longer interested in the protection plan. Victim then contacted Citi Bank and explained to them the circumstances regarding the fraud on her card. Citi Bank advised they were going to mark the charges as fraudulent.
Police Beat 4
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2024-00026930 5/28/24 1:13 PM PETTY THEFT SHASTA ST The victim stated she was leaving her residence and returning to work and witnessed an older white Ford F-250 with a bicycle tire sticking up from the bed make a U-turn at the intersection of Shasta St. and Diamond Bar Ln. The vehicle then came to a stop in front of her neighbor's home and a Hispanic male adult exited the driver's door and walked towards the bed of the truck. He then opened the rear driver- side door and a Hispanic female adult exited and walked to the porch residence and returned to the truck carrying Amazon packages.
2024-00025351 5/20/24 11:01 AM FRAUD KASEBERG DR In June of 2023, a friend of the victim reached out to her on Facebook Messenger and told her about a Social Security Grant fund that could help her pay medical bills. The victim has known her friend for about 45 years, and they have regularly communicated through Facebook. Through the conversation, the friend recommended an agent named "Heather Crocker" to assist the victim in obtaining her grant. The victim reached out to "Crocker" and was asked a few “screening questions” to make sure they had her correct information. "Crocker" verified the victim's place of birth and her mother’s maiden name. With all the information," Crocker" informed the victim that she was approved for a $200,000 grant if she paid some fees and taxes. "Crocker" requested that the victim pay the fees by purchasing three $500 gift cards from Apple and sending pictures of them. After the victim paid the fees with the gift cards, "Crocker" requested more fees multiple times via instant transfers between bank accounts using Zelle and purchasing Apple products and mailing them to an address that the victim was provided. The victim's bank started to notice the large amounts of money that she was spending on transfers and Apple products, so they contacted her to advise that she may be caught up in a scam. To protect the victim's accounts, the bank froze all transactions on her accounts and referred her to a Senior Abuse Center to try to help out with the scam. This continued until January 2024 when the victim's friend reached out saying she had not heard from her at all and wanted to catch up. The victim was very confused because she believed she had been talking to her friend when she was recommended to "Agent Crocker". The friend told the victim she had her Facebook account hacked, that it was not her who recommended "Agent Crocker," and it was a scam. The victim then stopped making payments to "Crocker," but charges started coming through on her credit card. The victim contested the charges made and filed a claim with Wells Fargo to request her money back. Total loss is estimated at approximately $200,000.
Police Beat 5
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2024-00025812 5/22/24 2:42 PM ELDER ABUSE ARTISAN CIR A few months ago a suspect knocked on the victims’s door offering roof repair and gutter cleaning services. At the time, there was a group of males canvasing the neighborhood offering services. The suspect would not tell the victim what company he was with and did not provide a business card. The victim stated the suspect cleaned his gutters for approximately $100 US dollars. While cleaning the gutters, the victim was advised he had cracked roof tiles and they could repair them. The suspect charged the victim approximately $23,400 US dollars to seal the broken tiles on his roof. Over the past three months, dating back to March 25, 2024, the suspect continued to call and offer roofing services and installed new underlayment for the roof that the victim provided. The suspect additionally offered to install gutter guards for approximately $1,200 US dollars. During installation, the victim was told he was going to need to pay additional money to switch the gutter guards to “Titanium gutter guards”. The victim was charged for different gutter guards approximately three to four separate times, each time for approximately $1,200 US dollars. The victim was told gutter guards needed to be shipped back to Taiwan and was charged multiple times for “shipping fees.” The victim paid $88,000 US dollars via 27 checks to the suspect over the course of 3 months.
2024-00025041 5/18/24 8:01 AM PETTY THEFT PLEASANT GROVE BLVD The victim worked for a delivery service and had been picking up an order at the store for delivery. The victim loaded her vehicle and went to the next stop for another order. At the next location, The victim noticed her bag with her purse inside was missing and noticed fraudulent activity on a credit card of hers at a Chevron. The victim had not seen anyone suspicious or had spoken with anyone in the store but believed someone may have taken her bag while she was loading groceries into the back of her vehicle.
Police Beat 6
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2024-00025780 5/22/24 7:30 AM PETTY THEFT HOPSCOTCH WAY Victim's daughter left the scooter in front of the school at approximately 0730 hours. It was not locked because there were no bicycle racks. At approximately 1400 hours she saw her scooter was stolen. Some other scooters were also stolen.
2024-00024689 5/16/24 10:30 AM FRAUD MARSEILLE LN Victim was reading through her Bank of America statements online when she saw there were two transactions she did not recognize. The first transaction was for $9,220 at Tesla Motors. The second transaction was made at an unknown location, but victim explained the transaction title said, “Buy Gold and Silver” and it was for $4,744.11. The victim then advised that in reading her credit report from Equifax, she saw she had a hard inquiry on her account from Citi Bank. The victim advised she already had a Citi Bank card and did not inquire about getting another. The victim then went on Equifax and put a flag on the account and then went online and put a freeze on her credit.
2024-00026322 5/24/24 8:00 AM BURGLARY SUTTER BUTTES DR Victim said she went for a bike ride and believes she may have left the garage door open while she was on her ride. Later, the victim’s husband noticed their adult son’s bicycle was missing from the garage and called Roseville PD to report the theft.
Police Beat 7
Case # Date/Time Type Location Summary
2024-00027308 5/30/24 10:02 AM FRAUD WHARTON LN The victim stated in August of 2023, she received a phone call from a male subject who stated he worked for Publishing Clearing House and informed her that she was a winner. The male went on to say the victim was going to win a car, a house, and other additional items but would need to write a cashier's check to several individuals for $15,000 each. Since the first phone call, the victim received several phone calls in regard to the rewards she was supposed to receive from Publishing Clearing House. On each of the phone calls one of the additional suspects would request more money for the fees for the prizes the victim was supposed to receive. The victim believed she had sent close to $100,000 over the past 9 months.
2024-00025230 5/19/24 12:07 PM PETTY THEFT TIMBERROSE WAY Victim arrived at her residence and parked her vehicle halfway into her garage because she wanted to make it easier for herself to unload her vehicle. Victim had a book bag which she takes to the gym located on the front passenger seat of her vehicle. Victim left her vehicle unlocked and discovered her bag was missing the next day.