Celebrating Public Works Week

Updated May 21, 2024

This week, we are proud to recognize our amazing Public Works team. Public Works plays a major role in shaping the city we live in by bringing projects to life, connecting us all through infrastructure and service. Public Works advances our quality of life. 

Whether you’re walking on one of our 40 miles of trails, riding the Game Day Express, or driving to your neighborhood library, you are interacting with infrastructure that was planned, designed, and maintained by Public Works teams. From roadways and transportation to maintaining our City’s vital floodplain infrastructure, they are what make our communities dynamic places to live and work.

Let's celebrate the quiet work these professionals do that makes life better for all of us.


Fun Facts/annual stats

  • Maintains approximately 1,100 lane miles of public roadway infrastructure.
  • Maintains, repairs, and rehabilitates approximately 1.35 million square feet of City facilities.
  • Completed over 3,000 maintenance work orders.
  • Services roughly 200,000 transit passenger trips annually.
  • Maintains and monitors 30 floodplain monitoring stations.
  • Provides Roseville Electric Utility service to the approximate 43-square mile service territory.
  • Provides Environmental Utilities services to approximately 47,000 accounts.

Please join us in recognizing the entire Public Works team. Thank you for paving the roadways to monitoring our water system, and everything in between. Watch the video on the work we do. 

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