Celebrating Public Works Week

Updated May 23, 2023

This week, we are proud to recognize our amazing Public Works staff. Public Works connects us all through infrastructure and service, enhancing the quality of life for our community. They often work behind the scenes through long stretches of shifts and are always on call for emergencies.

“Public Works is about connecting our community – whether it’s through roads, bridges, trails, sidewalks, buses, or our meeting spaces. We are the foundation upon which Roseville’s unique character is built,” said Jason Shykowski, Public Works Director

Public Works is committed to improving quality of life through our transportation system. Public Works manages our transportation network for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians; optimizing traffic flow; maintaining our infrastructure; providing Roseville Transit services; and managing our floodplains. They are responsible for rebuilding, improving, protecting and providing water, wastewater, waste services (trash and recycling), stormwater and electric services to Roseville residents and businesses. 

These infrastructure, facilities and services could not be provided without the dedicated efforts of public works professionals, who are engineers, managers and employees at all levels. The team works behind the scenes ensuring Roseville residents receive the best service possible.. Our employees are regularly recognized by state and national organizations for our high service levels, customer satisfaction, and innovative programs. They are what make our communities great places to live and work.

Fun Facts/annual stats

- 1,355 potholes filled 
- 400,000 linear feet of cracks sealed
- Maintain over 500 miles of roadways
- 200,000 transit passenger trips
- Removed 643.95 tons of leaves during Curbside Leaf Pickup 
- Provides utility services to the approximate 43-square mile service territory
- Provides utility services to over 50,000 accounts

In formal recognition of Public Works staff, Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt recently signed a City Council proclamation declaring May 21-27 National Public Works Week.

Please join us in recognizing the entire Public Works team. Thank you for paving the roadways to monitoring our water system, and everything in between that lead Roseville towards a safer and better future. 

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