Learning is "Full STEAM Ahead"

Updated September 30, 2021
Traveling Artists
In June 2021, Adventure Club and Roseville Libraries partnered to launch a new 2-part art and science educational program for school-age children, called "Full STEAM Ahead."

The program was funded through a California State Library Shared Vision Grant for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The 2-part curriculum included a Traveling Artist program for ages 4-12 and a computer coding program, called Kano, for ages 8-12.

Traveling Artist 2The Traveling Artist program kicked off in June 2021. Over 400 kids participated across 18 Adventure Club sites and during the Roseville Libraries Summer Reading Program and drop-in events. Each session highlighted a different country, using hands-on art projects to teach children about key aspects of the country’s history and culture.

“I going to put Poseidon on mine, god of the sea,” said one student as he learned how to make Ancient Greek pottery. Other topics included Russian Matryoshka Dolls and Chinese Paper Dragons just to name a few. “It was one of the best summers we’ve ever had,” said Adventure Club Child Care Site Coordinator Kathleen Beedy. The Traveling Artist program is planned to resume at Adventure Club sites next summer and is being offered through the Library this December. 

Part of the grant also focuses on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Each session would begin with an interactive activity centered on SEL. For example, when asked how a person could use their strengths to help others, a 4th grader replied, “I’m really good at art and I would tell someone who isn’t as good as me that good art is art that isn’t perfect, it’s more interesting when it isn’t.” 

“Our summer days are so busy with activities and events and trips that being able to take the time weekly to focus on social emotional growth with planned activities is such a benefit for our staff and participants,” said Child Care Site Coordinator Rena Spohr.

The computer coding program, Kano, is expected to launch this October. Through the grant, Adventure Club was able to purchase 100 classroom laptops. Adventure Club is thrilled to be the first youth development program to utilize Kano on the West Coast.

“Providing technology-based activities and experiences has been a challenge in our programs,” said Rena. “Kano gives the children the experience of building the laptop and for some an introduction to coding and others the opportunity to practice, strengthen and expand their coding experience.” Approximately 500 children are expected to participate.

Traveling Artist 4Thanks to these programs and the resources provided through the STEAM grant, staff has seen a tremendous impact on the quality of learning for the students.

“Giving our kiddos the opportunity to have that creative outlet to express their feelings and tell their story made it very impactful. The staff were able to learn things about our kids that we might not have known before such as family heritage, likes/dislikes, and life experiences. I watched the kids light up when they found out they got to ‘travel’ to a different country and create something like pottery or paint Russian dolls,” said Child Care Site Coordinator Megan Eaton.

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