Chilton Middle School students 'Take Action' once again

Updated June 04, 2024

As part of a collaborative effort with the Utility Exploration Center (UEC), a middle school in Roseville has embarked on an educational journey focused on utilities and environmental sustainability called "Take Action."

The name says it all. Targeting 6th to 8th graders at Chilton Middle School, UEC staff engage students in hands-on learning about the impact of their actions on utility systems and the ecosystem.

Each grade level delves into different aspects of sustainability:

  • 6th Grade: Students went on a mini field trip to a local creek to test water quality, explore water conservation methods, and discuss actionable steps.

  • 7th Grade: Students investigated composting and the implications of food waste in landfills.

  • 8th Grade: Students built and raced solar boats to understand solar panel technology, then explored energy-saving techniques.

After classroom sessions, students expressed their newfound knowledge through various art forms. Sixth graders created posters promoting water conservation, seventh graders designed social media campaigns to reduce food waste, and eighth graders developed project proposals for energy-saving devices or behaviors.

Teamwork was a key element of the "Take Action" initiative, culminating in an awards ceremony where ten teams (with up to four students per group) finalists from each grade were honored. Roseville utility staff voted on the projects, selecting the top three winners from each grade.

The ceremony was a hit, with students, their families, utility representatives, and school faculty coming together to celebrate. It started with a warm welcome and an overview of the "Take Action" program, followed by an interactive tour of the newly redesigned UEC and a showcase of the students' projects. Everyone was amazed by the students' knowledge, creativity, and commitment to sustainability. Each finalist received a certificate; the top three teams from each grade were awarded medals.

The UEC and Chilton Middle School's "Take Action" initiative not only highlights the incredible talents of its students but also shows the importance of promoting environmental awareness and innovation. More than 1,500 students have participated in this initiative over the past two school years, and even more students are expected to join next year.