The K-9 Unit began in 1987 with two dogs and is currently staffed with six K-9 teams. Each K-9 team consists of the K-9 handler and their specially trained K-9 partner. 

Our K-9's are cross trained in tracking, officer protection, apprehension, and drug/firearm detection. K-9 teams must pass twelveK9 Apollo weeks of intensive training in order to be certified as ready for deployment in the field. After initial certification, our K-9 teams train two days a month, frequently training with other K-9 Units in our region. 
    K-9 Officers are assigned to the Patrol Division and work a variety of shifts to ensure their K-9 skills are available to officers responding to calls for service in the city.  In an average year, our K-9 teams respond to over 300 calls for service to assist in looking for suspects, searching buildings, finding drugs, and other uses. 

One of the K-9 teams is assigned to work with the SWAT Team and receives special training in working in a tactical environment.
Both of the large dog parks in the City are named after former RPD K-9's Bear and Marco. K-9 Bear was the Department's first K-9 and K-9 Marco was the only K-9 in the history of our city to be killed in the line of duty.  In early 2023, the City’s newest dog park will be named after K9 Apollo.  K-9 Officers are frequent visitors to our schools and community events for demonstrations with their K-9 partners.

K9 in action

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