Crime prevention and proper lighting

Updated November 27, 2020
Example of good and bad lighting

Outdoor lighting can act as a deterrent to criminals looking to break into a home

Crime affects everyone.  Whether you live in Roseville or another city throughout the region, criminals are always looking for easy opportunities to commit crime. However, homeowners can reduce the chance of becoming a victim by incorporating proper lighting in and around their home. 
good and bad lighting examplew
Outdoor lighting can act as a deterrent to criminals looking to break into a home.  With proper outside lighting, criminals will have fewer places to hide making your home more difficult to penetrate without being seen.

According to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) good security lighting anticipates potential threats and predators, and increases the means necessary to commit a crime, discouraging would-be-criminals from breaking into a home.  In other words, the longer it takes to plan and execute a break in, the less likely criminals are to target that home.
IES further states that home security lighting must have the following aims.

Provide a clear view of the area; including people and objects such as fences, walls and barriers

  • Allow facial recognition at a minimum distance of 30 feet
  • Make tasks such as finding your keys, retrieving the mail, or walking the dog easier and safer
  • Help people avoid criminal threats and/or defend themselves when a threat is perceived
  • Enhance your sense of safety when spending time outdoors
    When you select the lighting for your property, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Choose energy efficient lighting that is environmentally sustainable and helps reduce energy costs.

  • Direct lighting downwards to illuminate immediate surroundings and minimize light pollution.
  • Use lights that don’t cause a lot of glare, and that direct the light in a specific direction rather than just diffusing it in all direction.  A low glare environment allows even less well-lit areas to be seen making it more difficult for a person to hide.

By doing some simple upgrades to your outdoor lighting, you can deter a burglar from targeting your home.  

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