City Council approves land swap for sports complex

Updated July 18, 2019

A citywide park in West Roseville will move closer to reality with the City Council’s approval at its July 17, 2019 meeting of a purchase and sale agreement making the way for a land swap to take place.

A series of technical studies at the original 25-acre site (shown as F-55 on map) showed significant constraints for use as a long-field sports complex.

The new 25-acre site (shown as W-60a), a mile away, is owned by Westpark and better suited for this use:

  • The new site, zoned for light industrial development, will provide a buffer between the residential area east of the property and the wastewater treatment plant. 
  • Its rectangular shape is more conducive to development as a long-field sports complex.
  • Its location next to an existing eight-acre park site will expand the recreational options available.
  • Its location at a larger intersection allows for better traffic absorption and provides better access.
  • It already has onsite utilities and other improvements, including curb, gutter and roadway, and requires significantly less grading and drainage work, which will allow more funding to go for amenities.
  • All wetland mitigation requirements needed for use as a sports complex have been met, which was a factor in the delay at the original site.

Due to these advantages, development costs are anticipated to be lower at the new site than at the original site.

Westpark intends to develop single-family homes on the original site, which is adjacent to a residential area. Therefore, the Council’s approval of the purchase and sales agreement does not approve the development of either property. It requires Westpark to gain land use and environmental approvals for both sites through the normal City process.

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