Volunteer efforts provide critical support to City

Updated October 14, 2019
Volunteer efforts provide critical support to City
As he stands beside his City vehicle, Paul Ward wears a broad smile on his face. “We all live in this community, so by working and helping, we’re making this community better for everyone and ourselves,” Paul said. “That’s what I like, being able to help.”

RPD Volunteer patchDuring the last four years of his retirement, Paul has been a volunteer for the Roseville Police Department (RPD). He and a number of other citizens volunteer their time, their expertise, and efforts to help expand the footprint of our city government, including the police department.

This day, Paul was conducting vacation house checks for the RPD. The police perform free, safety checks of resident’s homes. When requested, they’ll drive out to your home to make sure it’s secure while you’re away. Many times, this function is performed by a police volunteer.

The Roseville Volunteer Program has been providing support for more than 20 years.

For more than two decades, volunteers have fulfilled a broad span of activities and services across the City. The services provided by these individuals are diverse and far reaching.

The list of volunteer opportunities is long. The opportunities to participate might include assisting with creek restoration, adult literacy, the Veteran’s Affairs Resource Center, museum docents, utility education and conservation programs, providing numerous police and fire services, and assisting as school-crossing guards.

“The services provided by our volunteers are absolutely essential to our operations,” said City of Roseville Human Resources Manager Stacy Peterson. “Everyone, from the department heads all throughout the staff appreciate the critical role they fulfill. We’re able to offer outstanding programs and services to our community because of the level of professionalism provided by our volunteers.”

Each year, the City recognizes the commitment of our volunteers at the Roseville Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. These volunteers are the often the front line of contact between our programs and the public.

2019 COR Volunteer Awards Ceremony
City staff and department heads celebrated the efforts of our volunteers at the 2019 Roseville Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.

In the last year alone, more than 800 volunteers contributed more than 28,600 work hours to at least 15 City-sponsored programs. That labor was valued at more than $670,000.

Paul Ward, PRD Volunteer, in service car Paul loves the diversity of requests he gets in his position with the RPD. “Every day is different. You never know what is going to happen.”

Paul said his greatest reward is knowing that he’s able to give something back to the community. “This is fun. There are the days when you go home and you’re tired, but it’s an honest tired.”

Explore the volunteer opportunities available throughout the City. See how your efforts can make a difference in our community. 

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